Kate has been such a huge help in getting my little guy to fall asleep on his own, put himself back to sleep if he wakes in the night and sleeping past 5 am- naps are amazing now too! I wasn’t sure what working with Kate would be like but it felt like working with an old friend. She is so kind, calm and approachable. She has experience with her two daughters that she could share and I never felt pressured to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. Thank you Kate!


Kate was amazing and I can finally put my 3-year-old daughter to bed without having to sit in her room and wait for her to fall asleep! I never thought that would be possible. Kate was very responsive and worked with my family to come up with a sleep plan that fit our lifestyle. It was also very comforting to know that Kate did the Sleep Lady Shuffle with her daughters. I can't thank you enough!