Pediatric Sleep Coach

Pediatric Sleep Coach Kate Basso

Fast forward two years later, my second daughter Maeve was born and I found myself back in the same position -- but this time it was even worse. Maeve cried all day long. She never napped and when I put her down for bed at night I was up every hour rocking her back to sleep. I knew I needed to do something to help my daughters get the sleep they deserve and my husband and I have a life again. That's when our pediatrician referred me to a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, and within days everything changed. With some hard work, commitment and trust in my coach, Maeve started taking naps and sleeping through the night. It changed our lives completely! I was so amazed by the process that I told everyone I knew. I found my passion. I wanted to help other children and parents sleep again! Trust me, I've heard all the wild and crazy sleep stories from parents. I've been there. I can't wait to help your family start sleeping again!

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